France E. Herron – From Beyond The Unknown #12-16

Gotham City. The Red Skull. Tomahawk. Numerous War Titles. He spent most of his career at DC Comics. Born in 1912 in Ohio Farm Country. Grew up in West Virginia. Joined Joe Simon and Jack Kirby at Fox Features in 1939. His Saturn Return. No known images. Part Cherokee. Joined the Army in 1942. Wrote for Stars & Stripes during his tour of duty. Artist Curt Swan, noted for his work as the definitive artist for Superman from 1955 – 1986, said he met Ed Herron while he was working for Stars & Stripes, and it was Herron who first directed him to Detective Comics. An unfinished series about a War Veteran who walks off into the desert and meets the Animal Spirits. They confer upon him powers of transformation. He wanders back into the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico in a daze and gets admitted to the University Psychiatric Ward. Children held captive in a nearby abandoned Train Station by a practitioner of Black Magic begin to send him messages. Journalist Andy Rooney was familiar with his name, but claimed he never wrote for Stars & Stripes. Perhaps it was War Week.


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