Sexual Dichotomies



Clean : Dirty

Exposed : Contained

Love : Lust

Animal : Robot

Permissible : Taboo

Soft : Hard

Functional : Recreational

Pleasurable : Painful

Spontaneous : Rehearsed

Legal : Illegal

Emotional : Physical

Tender : Rough

Erotic : Pornographic

Expression : Exploitation

Love : Hate

Free : Costly

Slow : Fast







How To Become A Famous Artist

1. Insure you are named after an active volcano.

2. Announce your intention to marry a famous dead artist. This will buy you some time. There are no legal precedents for this. Make sure you choose an artist from another country. International Law tends to be about fish, temperature, and genocide. You’ll be married for years before it makes it to a Tribunal.

3. Tell your PR Men to get hopping. Piss some obscure people off. Blame it on the Situationists.

4. Don’t ask Lorca. Apparently he’s busy.

5. Back off bitches! I’m marrying Kurt Schwitters next week. Let his dead wife file an injunction. At least I know how to spell his name.

The Hook

A hook. A question mark. The key hole of a dark man enshrouded in a circle of light. The question becomes the man. The hook that draws him into unlocking himself. Into removing himself from the advances of the mist. And yet without the mist there would just be darkness. The key that opens nothing. The hook that remains in the box on the shelf with the dust and tangled fishing flies. The marionettes of some insect epic where the best and the most beautiful are bound up with taut clear cords and are sent forth to battle the Fish Gods on their own.

Some days the gods leave the hook in and the fish gasps and splatters its innards onto the wet white of the deck. Some days the gods remove the hook while the eye still blinks. The gills still gulp. And with the arc of a large brown arm the behemoth is tossed back into the dark eddies of its lair. We see the hook and want to test it against our skin. Flirting with its gleam and puncture. Hoping maybe to breach the skin without noticing it. To test the mettle of the hook maker against the ornate beckoning of our skin. To suck the salty bead as it wells red and glistening at the tip of our reception.


The Angel of Lust and the Angel of Death are fighting over the remains of your heart. Their sharp pretty fingers stained the purple of a grape or a fresh bruise. What’s left though is like the bits wrapped in paper inside the cavity of the bird. What you cook and give later to the cats. No one really wanted them in the first place. They’re just there to prove the bird was once alive. Where their feathers scrape against each other a crackling, like the little sparks that accrue between blankets you only see when your half awake. Despite the lethal play they are still singing to each other. The words are unintelligible, but the sounds they make possess a feral beauty. A sorrow you would gladly drink until you choked. Angels aren’t as wise as you think. Their inevitable motions preclude any such simple thing as thought. They are Floods. Fires. Fields of lavender that explode when the sun breaks through the clouds for the first time in February. They don’t know your name. They don’t know their own names. They are hungry and everything is there to eat. They come to you with whispers and fill you with aching and sleep. If you even so much as permit them to hear your voice you will never sleep or eat again. Angel just means “Messenger.” Nothing else. We don’t always like what we have to hear. Next time someone says”There’s an Angel watching over me,” run away as fast as you can.


Women with complete absence of the vagina and with rudimentary internal genital organs may otherwise be perfectly developed, and, since the uterus is functionless, may not suffer from retained secretions. The majority of the cases of apparent absence of the vagina who do have symptoms are due to inflammatory processes acquired after birth.

Physical Diagnosis 1929


As a result of congenital deformities the penis may be absent, doubled, concealed, twisted, adherent, or cleft. A double penis (sometimes two perfect organs, sometimes two fused together, sometimes a penis with one shaft and two glans) is usually associated with other deformities, such as a double bladder, a hernia, extrophy of the bladder,  a cleft scrotum, an imperforate anus, and hypospadias. A cleft penis superficially suggests one penis with two glans. A concealed penis is one which is very small and hidden beneath the skin of the scrotum or perineum. An adherent penis is one attached by a web to the scrotum. If the penis is quite absent the urethra opens onto the perineum, or through the anterior wall of the rectum, and the other external genitalia are usually normal.

Physical Diagnosis 1929